UNITY: Unified Storage and Memory

The objective of this research is to design, implement and evaluate a new distributed data storage paradigm that unifies the traditionally distinct application views of memory- and file-based data storage into a single scalable and resilient data environment.

As we move into the Exascale computing era, four challenges drive the need for a unified data environment:

  • Exascale computing systems will contain unprecedented concurrency, both across all nodes of a system and within individual computing nodes due to the emergence of many-core processors and accelerators
  • Exascale computing environments will leverage multi-tier memory and storage hierarchies that dramatically increase the complexity of managing and efficiently accessing data
  • Exascale computing environments will have limited power budgets that require efficient, power-aware data movement
  • Exascale computing systems will experience increased frequency of hardware faults due to the sheer number of components in the systems