Amid today’s challenges of constrained power budgets and rapidly changing processor and system architecture designs, this project aims to study a unified data-driven approach for programming applications and in situ analysis and visualization. ...

Abstract machine model and proxy architectures, John Shalf, LBNL

J. Shalf lunchtime presentation 1/14/2015 at the January 2015 SMDAV PI meeting

Slides on the AEDAM project to be presented at the CS PI meeting (14-16 March 2017).


In this project, we are developing a holistic AMR-capable analytics framework capable of supporting simulation analysis toward extreme-scale. Our framework is a multi-faceted approach that targets AMR-specific challenges:

  • We have...

Apps on Charm++, Sanjay Kale, UIUC

Apps on HPX, Alice Koniges, LBNL

Apps on OCR, Roger Golliver, UIUC

Abstract Representations for the Extreme-Scale Stack


ARGO, HOBBES, and X-ARCC, Marc Snir, ANL

ASCR  CS Program Guidelines for PIs

Blackcomb: Hardware-Software Co-design for NonVolatile Memory in Exascale Systems, Jeff Vetter

Brief Overview of DOE Blackcomb and Vancouver Projects