Current Programs

Applied Math Program
Computational Partnerships Program
Lucy Nowell
Design Space Execution Program
Early Career Research Program
Next Generation Networking Program
Lucy Nowell
The next-generation of scientific discovery will be enabled by research developments that can effectively harness significant or disruptive advances...
Lucy Nowell
The Scientific Data Management and Analysis at Extreme Scale program funds innovative basic research in computer science for management and analysis...
The processing capability of computing systems, especially supercomputers, continues to increase rapidly. Within 10 years, exascale platforms will...
Unsolicited Program

Past Programs

Ceren Susut, Randall Laviolette
Exascale Co-Design Center
Exascale Operating and Runtime Systems
Sonia Sachs
The X-Stack Program conducts basic research that represents significant advances in programming models, languages, compilers, runtime systems and...