Current Projects

SDMA&VLucy Nowell
The Scientific Data Management and Analysis at Extreme Scale program funds innovative basic research in computer science for management and analysis...

Adding Data Management Services to Parallel File Systems
This project will create a fundamental shift in the design and development of tools for next-generation scientific data by focusing on efficiency...
DataClusteringAlok Choudhary
Scalable, In-situ Data Clustering Data Analysis for Extreme Scale Scientific Computing
DataExplorHank Childs
ECRP: Data Exploration at the Exascale
ECRP: Combating the Data Movement Bottleneck
A Pervasive Parallel Processing Framework for Data Visualization and Analysis at Extreme Scale
DecafTom Peterka, Prabhat Prabhat
High Performance Decoupling of Tightly-Coupled Data Flows
DistAnalysisHan-wei Shen
Extreme-Scale Distribution-Based Data Analysis

The processing capability of computing systems, especially supercomputers, continues to increase rapidly. Within 10 years, exascale platforms will...

DataDurabilityRemzi Arpaci-Dusseau
Modeling Impacts of Resilience Architectures for Extreme-Scale Storage Systems
Past Projects

X-StackSonia Sachs
The X-Stack Program conducts basic research that represents significant advances in programming models, languages, compilers, runtime systems and...

Domain Specific Languages (DSLs) are a tranformational technology that capture expert knowledge about applica@on domains. For the domain scientist,...
Mission Statement: To ensure the broad success of Exascale systems through a unified programming model that is productive, scalable, portable, and...
This project will conduct research on runtime software for exascale computing. Moving forward, exascale software will be unable to rely on minimally...