AMR-IQ Quad Chart - March 2017 CS PI meeting

In this project, we are developing a holistic AMR-capable analytics framework capable of supporting simulation analysis toward extreme-scale. Our framework is a multi-faceted approach that targets AMR-specific challenges:

  • We have developed novel techniques for interactive querying over AMR data, which will yield near-real-time scientific insight to scientists, as well as automatic feedback at simulation runtime, allowing intelligent online “steering” in response to detected phenomena appearing in the simulation.
  • We have designed a data model that will allow scientists to explore and manipulate AMR data more quickly and easily.
  • Our work will operate on the unique, adaptive structure of AMR simulations in near-real time by attaching directly to the simulation itself (i.e., “in situ”),and we will explicitly address the extreme-scale requirements throughout development of the above components.