Traleika Handout Oct 2013

The Traleika Glacier project will research and mature software technologies addressing major Exascale challenges, and get ready to intercept by the end of the decade. The principals of this project are: Shekhar Borkar & Wilfred Pinfold (Intel), Rich Lethin (Reservoir Labs), Rishi Khan (ETI), Prof Guang Gao (Delaware), Prof Laura Carrington (UCSD), Prof Vivek Sarkar (Rice), Prof David Padua & Prof Josep Torrellas (UIUC), and John Feo (PNNL).

The research agenda of this team addresses the major Exascale challenges, namely (1) energy efficiency, (2) scalability, (3) data locality, (4) programmability, (5) execution model, and (6) resiliency. We plan to address these challenges across the entire stack, identifying solutions that are best implemented with an interdisciplinary approach, working closely with the entire X-Stack research community.